“When it comes to enterprise mobility – auralis is one of the most important alternatives in the German market.”

This was the opinion of the writer in the print edition of the magazine t3n no. 36/2014 and an online article about Bring Your Own Device.

The article also referred to a Europe-wide study by VMware which shows that employees would even pull a job change into consideration, if they should not be able to use their favorite devices. We also see the BYOD with our customers is increasingly becoming the subject, but provides the business use of mobile devices, many benefits for both sides. For example, eliminating investment costs for smartphones, the carrying of two devices to be professionally and personally reach and faster work with familiar devices. Of course there must be some information security to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access. Our Mobile Device Management solution auralis helps with appropriate guidelines for iOS, Windows and Android smartphones that can be rolled out directly on the device.