MDM – Mobile Device Management

auralis® is your Mobile Device Management solution for Apple iOS, Samsung Knox for Android & Windows Phone. Now you can easily control and manage all mobile devices in a user-friendly administration interface.

Create different policies for different groups directly and simply in the Web interface. This will enable you to enforce central password policies, restrictions, and hand over Wi-Fi settings, for instance. The profiles are transferred using the push procedure operated by the manufacturers.


Keep track of everything

You can see how many mobile user devices of what type are connected to your company, and who the owners are. Was it procured by the company, or is it a BYOD smartphone or tablet PC? Have you defined compliance rules, and are there any devices that breach these these rules? Everything at a glance!

You can also see initial statistics for the installed Top Ten iOS and Android apps, and the most recently active devices.

Our unique email compression solution TrafficControl has its own tab. Here you can see detailed statistics, right down to the file type, on how much traffic you have saved.


Groups instead of multiple profiles

Instead of creating huge numbers of individual profiles and assigning them to single devices, with our mobile device management solution you can simply take care of everything in a few groups. With the group-based configuration you will get to your goal more quickly.

All the settings for iOS, Android and Windows Phone are mapped in one group. If necessary, you can create different groups for the marketing, sales, and IT departments, etc.

The global settings, such as APP mappings, Wi-Fi profiles, Web clips, and compliance policies, can be comfortably activated in the group settings.

Even our email compression solution can be individually configured for each group.


You have the choice

Our Mobile Device Management solution has an integral user management module, in which all the smartphone users are maintained. However, you still have the possibility to import them via an LDAP interface. Regardless of OpenLDAP or Microsoft Active Directory.

Browse through the OUs and select the users you want to import. If you want to roll out a device for the colleagues, you can create a device as well at the same time.

With this interface, it will take you just a few minutes to create all the smartphone users, and you can begin with the rollout.


Device details or quick wipe

A clearly laid out list of all the registered devices lets you quickly find the ones you are looking for. All the details are displayed in the device properties. Including the installed APPs or compliance breaches.

If a smartphone or tablet PC gets lost or is stolen, you can quickly perform an enterprise wipe or reset the device to the factory settings. This will enable you to prevent the data on the user device from falling into the wrong hands.

If you are running an asset management system, you can export all the information and link it to your system via a standardised authority.


Efficient implementation of compliance requirements

Since you can’t prevent or stipulate everything, it’s important to monitor devices for certain characteristics. And that is precisely what the compliance rules of our Mobile Device Management solution take care of.

Are you blocking any apps, but the app store should still be available to everyone? Do you want to have the latest version of the OS installed on all the devices? Should roaming be activated for your end users?

It is exactly these aspects which are checked and assigned actions where necessary. For example, removing the mail account for failing to comply with the policy until the device fulfils the specifications again.

This will ensure that all the devices meet your compliance requirements at all times.


WiFI ConfigurationNobody knows the Wi-Fi password

Does that sound familiar to you? Everyone wants to know the Wi-Fi password for his or her smartphone. Once the devices are connected to our Mobile Device Management solution, this is no longer necessary.

Simply store all your Wi-Fi networks and activate them in the group configuration. When a smartphone is within range of one of these wireless networks, it connects to it automatically.

Even password changes are no longer a problem. Just replace the key, and it is rolled out on all the smartphones and tablet PCs.

Overview of possible limitations

iOS Device Management Features


Allow simple value
Require alphanumeric value
Minimum passcode length
Minimum number of complex characters
Maximum passcode age (1 – 730 days, or none)
Auto-Lock (in minutes)
Passcode history (1 – 50 passcodes, or none)
Grace period for device lock
Maximum number of failed attempts


Allow installing apps
Allow use of camera
Allow screen capture
Allow Photo Stream (disallowing can cause data loss)
Allow Shared Photo Streams
Allow Passbook notifications while locked
Allow voice dialing
Allow Siri
Allow Siri while device locked
Allow In-App Purchase
Force user to enter iTunes Store password for all purchases
Allow automatic sync while roaming
Allow iCloud documents & data
Allow iCloud backup
Force encrypted backups
Allow users to accept untrusted TLS certificates
Allow sending diagnostic and usage data to Apple
Allow use of Youtube
Allow use of iTunes Store
Allos use of Safari
Allow Control Center to be used on Lock screen
Allow the Notifications view in Notification Center on the lock screen
Allow the today view in Notification Center on the lock screen
Documents in managed apps and accounts only open in other managed apps and accounts
Documents in unmanaged apps and accounts will only open in other unmanaged apps and accounts
Allow over-the-air PKI updates
Force limit ad tracking

Airprint & Airplay devices
Configure own APN
OWN Apple Utility profile

Windows Phone 8.1 Device Management Features


Allow simple value
Allow alphanumeric value
Minimal number of different character types
Minimum passcode length
Maximum passcode age (1 – 730 days, or none)
Auto-Lock (1 – 999 minutes, or none)
Passcode history (1 – 50 passcodes, or none)
Number of unique passcodes before resuse.
Disable grace period for unlock
Maximum number of failed attempts (1 – 999, or unlimited)


Encrypt internal storage
Allow app store
Allow use of camera
Allow screen capture
Allow voice recording
Allow to save file as Office file
Allow Cortana
Allow copy and paste
Allow syncing settings between devices
Allow using WiFi
Allow automatic connect to WiFis
Allow sharing internet connection
Allow WiFi configuration
Report WiFi hotspot information to Microsoft
Allow NFC
Allow bluetooth access
Allow cellular data roaming
Allow VPN over cellular
Allow VPN over roamed cellular
Allow Internet Explorer
Allow storage access via USB
Allow usage of SD cards
Allow location service
Allow search to use location
Adult content search filter
Allow installation of root and intermediate CA certificates
Allow developer unlock
Allow MSA account for non email related connection authentication and services
Allow adding non MSA email accounts

Android Device Management Features


Minimum passcode length
Minimal amount of letters
Minimal number of lowercase letters
Minimal number of uppercase letters
Minimal number of numeric characters
Minimal number of symbols
Passcode History
Maximum number of failed attempts
Maximum passcode age

Restrictions (Samsung Safe 2 Devices)

Force encryption of internal storage
Force encryption of external storage
Allow use of camera
Allow video recording
Allow microphone
Allow audio recording
Allow usage of clipboard
Allow sharing the clipboard betwenn applications
Allow usage of SD cards
Allow writing to SD cards
Allow ussage of USB host storage
Allow USB media player
Allow S Voice
Allow using VPN
Allow Share Via List
Allow Android Beam
Allow S Beam
Allow bluetooth access
Allow NFC
Allow cellular data connection
Allow user to set mobile data limit
Allow using WiFi
Allow WiFi Direct
Allow Tethering on all interface
Allow Bluetooth teethering
Allow USB teethering
Allow WiFi teethering
Allow changing settings
Allow changing the wallpaper
Allow status bar expansion
Allow to modify the lock screen
Allow screen capture
Allow upgrading via over-the-air (OTA)
Allow installing non market apps
Allow installation of non trusted apps
Allow sending crash reports to Google
Allow Google backup
Allow the user power off the device by pressing the power button
Allow factory reset
Allow killing activities
Allow user to stop system applications
Allow setting a background process limit
Allow managing background data usage
Allow Safe Mode boot
Allow USB debugging

Device Management makes “Bring Your Own Device” possible

Implement your BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy without losing control over data and content. Thus your user can securely use their favourite mobile devices within their working enviroment. In case of loss or theft of an smartphone oder tablett, just start a remote wipe that makes the data on the device inaccessible within seconds for any attacker.
auralis is your solution for iOS, Android & Windows Phones. Connect your mobile devices securely to your IT infrastructure!