BlackBerry Migration

You want to switch from BlackBerry to another mobile platform quickly, easily, and above all safely? Nothing’s easier than that!

There can be many reasons for wanting to switch from the long-standing enterprise smartphone monopolist BlackBerry to other mobile platforms.

On the one hand, discussions instigated by IT experts about the future sustainability of BlackBerry are firing the transition to the ever-growing competition. Market researcher Gartner strongly advises making the switch from BlackBerry within the next six months. On the other hand, employees will have a greater personal freedom of choice if they are able to use their individually preferred device at work. The trend is moving towards the mobile strategy BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), in which the use of private user devices, regardless of type, is allowed for business purposes.

But what does an ideal replacement for the sensitive BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) environment look like, and what aspects have to be taken into special consideration?

The spotlight is clearly directed at the security and protection of a company. The focus centres on all the security-related advantages of a powerful Mobile Device Management solution. The migration of BlackBerry smartphones, and mobile devices in general, is quickly completed, even in established IT environments. auralis accompanies and supports your IT administrators.

With auralis, you can effortlessly migrate BlackBerry devices to a multi-mobile platform – regardless of the operating system, device, and user. The self-explanatory usage, and consequently foolproof migration, reduce the time requirements and minimise costs. The multi-platform devices are securely managed in line with all security policies in a single user-friendly console.

Install auralis parallel to the your BlackBerry environment and migrate smoothly to new user devices. auralis supports iOS, iPadOS & Android.

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