published auralis® 2.3

New Release & new features. With Version 2.2 and the integration of Android & Windows Phones we have expanded our solution an bring it up at CeBIT 2014th. Our presentations at CeBIT about Mobile Data Optimization with our Feature TrafficControl had many interests. Since BlackBerry routes the latest generations of equipment no longer on his RIM infrastructure and the devices are normally connected via ActiveSync, these consume as much data volume as any other conventional smartphone. But email compression is still an issue. Sometimes due to the reduction of roaming costs, but mostly because of the much faster data transfer to your smartphone.

New Dashboard

We have revised the dashboard from scratch. You can now see at a glance all the useful information about the integrated smartphones. Number iOS, Android & Windows Phone, Owner, Top Ten iOS & Android Apps and much more. Even our email compression feature Traffic Control feature earns an entirely own dashboard. You now see in detail down to the individual file type what you saving with TrafficControl.

BYOD marking

Now you can easily identify the owner from every device by marking them as company ownded or BYOD. Bring Your Own Device – is approved and applied in an increasing number of companies.

Role-based access

Do you have a 1st and 2nd level support, you can now provide a role-based access. The group support is blocked to the administrative settings.

Windows Phone 8.1

With Windows Phone 8.1 Microsoft has made his smartphone enterprise capable. All settings of the interface have been integrated into auralis 2.3. Now you can configure the restrictions that you need with a Windows Phone.

App management

The management of installed and needed apps is becoming increasingly important. With auralis 2.3 we have now created the possibility for iOS and Android devices to search the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for apps and to have them roll out directly on your smartphone. Even your own apps, you can integrate very easily.

Centralized WiFi Management

You had to configure for each group the necessary WiFi networks in the 2.2 version, you can now easily manage all of your Wi-Fi networks and assign the respective groups.