published auralis® 2.5

New Release & new features. With version 2.4, we have implemented many little things. But the main focus was on porting to Univention platform. The Univention Corporate Server, shortly UCS, is an innovative base to operate server applications and entire IT infrastructures economical and easy to administer. Since May auralis is now available in the Univention App Center and become more popular since then. Also in other countries.

The two most important innovations of Version 2.5Dashboard_EN


Apple VPP – Volume Purchase Program

With the enhancements in app management, we now gave auralis two important functions. Apple VPP – the Volume Purchase Program – allows you to buy apps as a company and to distribute them directly to smartphones and tablets. And should the App Store be disabled in your policy, the apps would still installed. Auralis enables the App Store, wait for installation and deactivate it.


With compliance rules you define certain policies that must comply with your devices. For example, apps that may not be on the devices, should be necessarily installed or as a requirement a minimum version of the OS. If there is a violation against these rules, you can perform certain actions decide what should happen. Email alert, disable the e-mail accounts on the device or even complete remove from the Mobile Device Management.

auralis® now available in Univention App Center

fb-posting-auralis_im_univention_app_centerOur mobile device management solution is now available in Univention App Center. That means companies of Univention Corporate Server has now a software for the secure integration of mobile devices. Auralis is preconfigured and with just a few clicks immediately ready for use.

So the open source provider Univention won with auralis a MDM solution from a German manufacturer for its platform.

“With the growing mobilization of the working day, the demand for solutions that enable secure mobile access to corporate networks, calendars and e-mail functions and internal applications is increasing,” says Nico Gulden, Product Manager of Univention GmbH. “We are pleased that we now can offer a solution in Univention App Center with auralis® which greatly facilitates the integration of mobile devices easier and safer in existing IT infrastructures.”

The software solution has been adapted for the Univention platform and pre-configured to be ready for immediate use on the Univention App Center with a few clicks. Thanks to the SSL-based authorization of devices, a built-in Certification Authority (CA) and strongly encrypted SSL connections, users can securely access e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks of your ActiveSync-compatible groupware. In addition, by the unique e-mail compression, auralis saving up to 90% of the transmission attachment volume.

Attractive is also the licensing model of the manufacturer Thinking Objects: With only one license per user and not per device, which significantly reduces costs compared to other enterprise vendors. Companies can test the software for 30 days free of charge.

Linkt to Univention App Center

“When it comes to enterprise mobility – auralis is one of the most important alternatives in the German market.”

This was the opinion of the writer in the print edition of the magazine t3n no. 36/2014 and an online article about Bring Your Own Device.

The article also referred to a Europe-wide study by VMware which shows that employees would even pull a job change into consideration, if they should not be able to use their favorite devices. We also see the BYOD with our customers is increasingly becoming the subject, but provides the business use of mobile devices, many benefits for both sides. For example, eliminating investment costs for smartphones, the carrying of two devices to be professionally and personally reach and faster work with familiar devices. Of course there must be some information security to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access. Our Mobile Device Management solution auralis helps with appropriate guidelines for iOS, Windows and Android smartphones that can be rolled out directly on the device.

published auralis® 2.3

New Release & new features. With Version 2.2 and the integration of Android & Windows Phones we have expanded our solution an bring it up at CeBIT 2014th. Our presentations at CeBIT about Mobile Data Optimization with our Feature TrafficControl had many interests. Since BlackBerry routes the latest generations of equipment no longer on his RIM infrastructure and the devices are normally connected via ActiveSync, these consume as much data volume as any other conventional smartphone. But email compression is still an issue. Sometimes due to the reduction of roaming costs, but mostly because of the much faster data transfer to your smartphone.

New Dashboard

We have revised the dashboard from scratch. You can now see at a glance all the useful information about the integrated smartphones. Number iOS, Android & Windows Phone, Owner, Top Ten iOS & Android Apps and much more. Even our email compression feature Traffic Control feature earns an entirely own dashboard. You now see in detail down to the individual file type what you saving with TrafficControl.

BYOD marking

Now you can easily identify the owner from every device by marking them as company ownded or BYOD. Bring Your Own Device – is approved and applied in an increasing number of companies.

Role-based access

Do you have a 1st and 2nd level support, you can now provide a role-based access. The group support is blocked to the administrative settings.

Windows Phone 8.1

With Windows Phone 8.1 Microsoft has made his smartphone enterprise capable. All settings of the interface have been integrated into auralis 2.3. Now you can configure the restrictions that you need with a Windows Phone.

App management

The management of installed and needed apps is becoming increasingly important. With auralis 2.3 we have now created the possibility for iOS and Android devices to search the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for apps and to have them roll out directly on your smartphone. Even your own apps, you can integrate very easily.

Centralized WiFi Management

You had to configure for each group the necessary WiFi networks in the 2.2 version, you can now easily manage all of your Wi-Fi networks and assign the respective groups.

New Homepage and new auralis release in October

With the preparations for the new version, which will be released on 2014.10.31, we gave our Homepage a new look.

auralis® Version 2.2.1 eliminates serious bug in OpenSSL

With the auralis® version 2.2.1 we fix the openssl library bug. Affected by this gap are all auralis® installations in version 2.2. Older versions are not affected by the vulnerability.

How does this work?

OpenSSL offers a free implementation of the TLS protocol (Transport Layer Security). It is used to establish an encrypted connection between a user and a server. It also serves to ensure that the client computer and the server itself can send each other signs of life during a connection. This so-called Heartbeat” has a security leak. Thus, it is possible by an attack to steal memory content of the server in a size of 64 kilobytes and thus to obtain the private keys of certificates or other sensitive data.

Who is affected?

This affects all auralis® installation in version 2.2.0, respectively containing the vulnerable OpenSSL library. Older versions are not affected by this issue.

How can I protect myself?

Administrators can secure their installation against the OpenSSL bug by updating to version 2.2.1.

For questions, please ask our hotline.

New auralis version 2.2 presented at CeBIT 2014


This year we present the new auralis version 2.2 at the CeBIT. Visitors  can make their own overview on the safety concept and flexibility of auralis. We are in hall 12 / Booth C51 on heise Security Plaza. In addition, the manufacturer Thinking Objects is also represented with informative lectures wiht the topic Secure Communications & Mobile Security“.

Big points in auralis 2.2

Android & Windows Phone support

Listed on enterprise iOS

We got listed on enterprise iOS

auralis 2.1 developement started


  • Group based device settings
  • More & clearer device information
  • LDAP user import
  • iOS Profile configuration in auralis
  • various fixes

Release date 29.11.2013
Coming in auralis 2.2 – Android & Windows Phone integration

Award for auralis®. One of the best in 2013

auralis has been awarded “Best of 2013”. Easy administration and high security for mobile devices gets in scope of small and medium sized businesses. Therefore auralis has been received the innovation award “Best of 2013” by the german “Initiative Mittelstand” in category IT security.