Bring Your Own Device

BlackBerry migration

iOS, Android & Windows Phone 8

E-Mail compression

Secure device certificates

Download Info

  • Supported devices

    iOS, iPadOS & Android

  • E-Mail Server

    MS Exchange, Office 365, Kerio, Tobit, Lotus Notes, Zarafa & every ActiveSync compatible groupware

  • Platforms

    Bootable ISO for:
    VMware 5
    Hyper-V 2012

  • CPU & RAM

    Min 2 CPU’s & min. 4GB Ram
    More is recommended

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Start free trial now. There are no obligations. You get a free 5 user license. Just find out for yourself how auralis can help you making your mobile devices secure, how easy it is to administrate and test all the features in your own environment.

auralis installation instructions

Just follow our comprehensive installation guide (PDF) included in the download archive and set up auralis step by step.

Filesize:  333 MB

Filetype: ZIP