Are your colleagures also just as different as their user devices?

Permitting people to use private devices for business purposes, as well as vice-versa, is becoming more and more important on account of the many benefits for both companies and their employees.

Do your colleagues themselves choose their favourite user devices, such as laptops, tablet PCs and smartphones, together with the respective platform, and ideally bring their own devices with them in the first place?  Great – that means you save on the costs of procuring the hardware.  This also eliminates the need for people to carry around several devices so that they can be reached for both private and work reasons. Your colleagues work quickly, efficiently, and in a highly motivated manner with a familiar device. Create liberties with clearly defined, stringent security standards that protect both ends. Prevent a mobile shadow IT environment by determining which systems and applications find their way into your company.

A special consideration of BYOD, alongside protecting your company’s sensitive data, concerns the implementation of group and user-based compliance policies, and secure access to corporate data from any conceivable mobile workplace. A circumspect mobile regulatory mechanism allows not only data traffic to be consistently controlled in line with your company’s data protection policies, but specifically mitigates risks with regard to risky apps, cloud-based data storage services, attempts at manipulation (e.g. jailbreaks), to name but just a few issues. If a mobile device gets lost or is stolen, the data must not get into the wrong hands. You can prevent the abuse and loss of data with a remote lock & delete functionality, for example. You can administer these and many other functions perfectly in a centralised and intuitive management console.

On account of steadily more stringent security needs, coupled with cost pressure and the expectation of relieving the workload of your IT staff, we are faced with the huge challenge of finding a solution that satisfies everyone to an equal extent. auralis sets new standards for a convenient mobile device management solution that meets the demanding requirements of your IT managers.

auralis supports Apple iOS, iPadOS & Android. This means that you are ideally equipped for your BYOD strategy!