Instructions for configuring a GCM Google API Key. This is necessary for the integration of Android devices in the auralis Mobile Device Management. Otherwise it is not possible to roll out Android devices.

1. Open the Google Cloud Platform Console (

2. Create a new project by clicking on “Create project”
3. Choose a name for the project (e.g. “auralis GCM”) and accept the terms and conditions.

4.  Copy the project number (12-digit number below the project ID) to the auralis config.

5. Click on API Manager and then on Enable API
6. Search for “Google Cloud Messaging” and enable it.

7. After activation click on “Create credentials”
8. Choose “Google Cloud Messaging” from the list and continue.

9. Copy the created key to the auralis config.
10. Restrict the API key to avoid abuse.

11. Choose a name (e.g. auralis) and fill in the IP address which is used by auralis for communicating with the internet.